Envita Health Share Statement of Shared Beliefs & Ethics

Because Morals Are Important

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Envita Health Sharing is a not-for-profit corporation that exists to create, exercise, and express practical applications of Christian faith, beliefs, and ethics. We believe in bringing together individuals and families in shared acts of common good.

We believe that the expression of these things, and the right to associate in the exercise of their expression, is a fundamental right guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

We welcome all people who are willing to honor and abide by our Statement of Shared Beliefs & Ethics, by which we operate. We are a community that shares a common belief that by coming together, sharing together, and acting together, we provide greater opportunities for health and freedom to our neighbors, and, in turn, we gain the same opportunities for ourselves and our families. At the core of what we do, and how we relate to and engage with one another as a community of people, is a set of common beliefs.

Our Statement of Shared Beliefs & Ethics are as follows:

  1. We believe that our rights and liberties originate from God and are bestowed by God.
  2. We believe that everyone is created equal and in the likeness of God.
  3. We believe that all persons have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  4. We believe in the principle taught by Christ to “love thy neighbor as thy self,” regardless of race, religion or creed.
  5. We believe we have a moral and ethical obligation taught by Christ to assist others in need.
  6. We believe that sharing and contributing to each other’s medical bills is an expression of our commitment to our obligations to one another as a Christian-based community.
  7. We believe that it is our ethical duty to one another to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors, habits, or any choices and activities that produce sickness or disease to ourselves or others.
  8. We believe that we have an ethical duty to each other to make legal, mature, and responsible decisions that do not create a risk of injury to ourselves or others.
  9. We believe it is our fundamental right of conscience to direct our own healthcare in consultation with our physicians, family, or other valued advisors.
  10. We believe we have a fundamental right guaranteed under the United States Constitution to associate in the lawful exercise of our common belief to voluntarily share health care expenses with one another.