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What is Envita Health™?

Envita Health™ stands as a trailblazing MSO (Managed Service Organization) that redefines specialized healthcare administration, comprehensive management, and indispensable support services, setting the gold standard for success in the dynamic and ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Setting itself apart as an outcome-driven MSO, Envita Health™ is purposefully designed to address the glaring deficiencies within the broken healthcare system, offering a revolutionary approach to healthcare management.

At the forefront of administrative excellence, Envita Health™ has elevated the standard, unveiling a groundbreaking model that seamlessly integrates personalized medicine, naturopathic and functional medicine, and an expansive network comprising over one million top-tier doctors, specialists, hospitals, and facilities. This integration forms the bedrock of an outcome-driven program, strategically aimed at reducing costs and enhancing access to cutting-edge treatments facilitated by the nation's leading medical professionals and facilities. Throughout this groundbreaking initiative, Envita Health™ remains resolute in its commitment to cost-effectiveness and an unwavering dedication to driving improved outcomes.

As a pioneering force in the healthcare landscape, Envita Health™ MSO specializes in delivering tailored, data-driven solutions for patients and providing nationwide access to cutting-edge technologies. The unparalleled significance of Envita Health™ lies in its comprehensive management of healthcare plans for all members, boasting features and technologies that surpass even those available to Fortune 500 plans. Meticulously crafted to revolutionize patient care and outcomes while concurrently reducing costs, Envita Health™ is at the forefront of addressing diverse healthcare areas, from pharmaceuticals to chronic illnesses, cancer, and overall well-being, with personalized medical metrics and strategies. Welcome to the era of Healthcare 3.0.

Envita BioMed revolutionizes employer health programs by introducing a doctor-built and managed platform. Leveraging self-funded and level-funded frameworks, it effectively oversees your organization's healthcare using cutting-edge personalized medicine technologies. With access to Envita BioMed's key technology and over two decades of expertise in personalized medicine infrastructure, outcomes are transformed, and costs are reduced significantly.

Envita BioMed utilizes a doctor-driven platform, integrating algorithms derived from over 20 years of evidence-based personalized medicine infrastructure. This platform navigates and presents patients with crucial options, particularly for Medicine 3.0 conditions such as neurodegenerative, oncological, cardiometabolic, autoimmune, Alzheimer’s, dementia, mental health, longevity, and anti-aging, among others.

Typical health insurance providers and self-funded plans are constrained to Medicine 2.0, limiting themselves to infrastructure billing codes that result in inefficiencies and misuse. Envita Health™ propels healthcare into the future, initially optimizing Medicine 2.0 with the best hospitals, doctors, and facilities, and then advancing further with groundbreaking personalized Medicine 3.0. This targeted care approach transforms healthcare delivery, deploying technology where it has the most significant impact on employees and families, addressing crucial issues for disease treatment and prevention.

Envita Health™ asserts its position as a healthcare innovator through an unwavering dedication to personalized and efficacious patient care, offering the following key benefits:

Unique Benefits to Envita Health™

Personalized Treatment Plans - Envita Health is dedicated to tailoring treatment plans to the unique needs of each patient. By leveraging advanced diagnostics and genetic profiling, they create personalized strategies that target the root causes of health issues and prevention of diseases.
Precision Medicine Expertise - Specializing in precision medicine, Envita Health utilizes cutting-edge technologies to identify specific genetic and molecular factors contributing to a patient's condition. This enables more accurate diagnoses and the development of targeted therapies. Reducing wasted time and money and providing better personalized outcomes.
Comprehensive Care Approach - Envita Healthtakes a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of illness. This comprehensive care model aims to improve long-term outcomes and enhance overall well-being and improve productivity.
Innovative Therapies and Modalities - Envita Health is at the forefront of incorporating innovative therapies and modalities into patient care. This includes the integration of advanced immunotherapies, genetic-based treatments, and other groundbreaking approaches that may not be widely available elsewhere.
Patient-Centric Focus - Envita Health places the patient at the center of its care model. This means involving patients in their healthcare decisions, providing clear communication, and fostering a partnership between healthcare providers and individuals seeking treatment.
Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment - Envita Health doesn't stop at the initial treatment plan. The team continuously monitors patient progress, adjusting strategies as needed. This commitment to ongoing optimization ensures that patients receive the most effective and up-to-date care available.
Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities - Envita Health's state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities enable healthcare professionals to identify and understand the unique characteristics of each patient's condition. This information is crucial for crafting precise and effective treatment plans.
Commitment to Research and Development - Envita Health is actively involved in research and development, contributing to advancements in medical knowledge and treatment options. Patients benefit from the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of medical innovation.
Empowering Patients with Information - Through transparent and informative communication, Envita Health empowers patients with knowledge about their health. This transparency helps individuals actively participate in their care decisions, fostering a sense of control over their well-being.
Results-Driven Outcomes - Envita Health is focused on achieving tangible, positive outcomes for patients. By combining personalized care, advanced technologies, and a commitment to ongoing improvement, Envita Health strives to deliver results that make a meaningful difference in patients' lives.

Tailoring healthcare plans, services and features with Envita Health™ MSO ensures that your company's next level healthcare is communicated clearly and delivered effectively to your organization. Retain and grow your company by outperforming with world class healthcare.

Envita Health's™ Self-Funded Plans

Envita Health™ offers Self-Funded plans, catering to businesses ranging from as small as 25 employees to large enterprises of any size, across all 50 states. These plans are meticulously crafted to provide benefits that were once exclusively accessible to Fortune 500 health plans. Moreover, these plans are administered with a strong emphasis on excellence.

Why Envita Health™ is a Revolutionary MSO

Self-Funded Insurance Programs Backed by Lloyds of London

Lloyd's of London is the world's leading specialist insurance and reinsurance market. With expertise earned over centuries, Lloyd's stands as the foundation of today's insurance industry and supports Envita Health’s self-funded plans.

Introducing a Pioneering Industry-First: MSO Administrative Services for Health Sharing Organizations

Introducing an MSO for Health Share - a health share is a non-insurance option for families and individuals seeking to surpass the current limitations of the healthcare system. Envita Health's™ MSO takes health sharing organizations to an entirely new level.

As a groundbreaking MSO within the health sharing sector, Envita Health™ has assumed the role of administration to provide members of health sharing organizations with access to state-of-the-art treatments from top-tier doctors and facilities. This is achieved while ensuring cost-effectiveness and a strong commitment to improving patient outcomes for both families and individuals.

All Envita Health™ products are designed to offer benefits that were previously only available to Fortune 500 health plans and to overcome the limitations of traditional insurance companies. Ultimately, this results in an unparalleled health experience that is outcome-driven, saving money, and cultivating happier, healthier communities.

How Is Envita Health™ Different?

Envita Medical Centers' doctors and expert concierge navigation team have over 23 years of clinical experience in advanced preventive medicine, and more importantly, in helping patients who have failed the traditional standard of care for cancer and chronic diseases. Our expert navigation team and Center of Excellence provide access to sophisticated advanced natural and conventional medicine guidance nationwide. Our navigation and plan design allow full access to comprehensive treatments, providers, hospitals, and unique genetic treatment targets for each patient, resulting in a truly individualized and effective approach to care and prevention.

Our board-certified and multi-disciplinary physicians deliver this leading technology in full compliance with both state and federal laws. We have oncologists (MD’s), interventional radiologists (MD’s), naturopaths (NMD’s), and homeopathic doctors (MD(h) and DO(h)) on staff. Our physicians and concierge navigation team bring together their diverse areas of expertise to help navigate and create the best treatment plans and guidance for each individual patient's needs in the prevention or treatment of diseases.

We are not aware of any other health plan with the same broad scope of advanced integrative treatments and diversity of physician licenses. This allows for truly unified, seamlessly, safely, and effectively administered integrative care, instead of the fragmented and disjointed care that patients often experience with other standard health programs.

What Are the Cost Savings?

Our 2020 actuarial data (third-party validated) showed that treatment at Envita Centers of Excellence was half the cost of conventional care. This is mainly because precision care allows us to narrow down which treatments and what doses will benefit each individual patient based on their unique genetic targets. This information helps us avoid unnecessary and ineffective treatments that patients receive under the conventional one-size-fits-all model of healthcare.

Unfortunately, most standard health programs do not cover the specialized testing and customized treatments involved in preventive, precision, regenerative, and personalized medicine. Envita Health has built the billing codes and cost analysis, so your employees and family can have seamless access to potentially life-saving and transforming healthcare.

Self-funded employer groups and health shares can now offer access to both conventional standard care and advanced integrative care options, saving money, and gaining access to precision options and highly desirable, less invasive, and more personalized integrative care for their employees and families. We are on a mission to improve healthcare with forward-thinking personalized medical care, and we are working hard to make that care accessible to as many patients as possible. We bring price transparency and always provide detailed and itemized costs so your organization can make the most informed decisions. We support helping each member make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Behind Envita Health

We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking transformation in healthcare insurance, marked by the integration of cutting-edge personalized medicine at its core. This innovative shift not only empowers patients to lead longer, healthier lives but also enables employers to exercise transparent management of their health plans, fostering improved outcomes and advanced technologies—all achieved with a simultaneous reduction in costs.

As pioneers in the industry for the past two decades, we have navigated and triumphed over numerous challenges. Our unwavering commitment led us to overcome institutional biases, financial constraints, and technological barriers that have historically impeded patients from accessing truly integrative, precision-targeted care.

This journey has been an arduous yet rewarding one, fueled by our dedication to breaking down barriers and providing unparalleled healthcare solutions. The results speak for themselves, with an impressive 98% satisfaction rate among our patients, as indicated by exit surveys. At Envita, we take pride in delivering care that goes beyond expectations, shaping a future where healthcare is not just a service but a transformative experience for all.

Learn More About Founder Dr. Prato

Dr. Dino Prato
CEO and Founder of Envita Health and Envita Medical Centers