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Welcome to Precision Healthcare, Join Envita Health™ Now!

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Envita Health™ overcomes the limitations and rising costs of insurance companies with the latest innovations and advancements in healthcare.

Envita Health™ offers A+ carrier health programs to enhance patient outcomes and drastically reduce costs. We provide fully insured, highly tax-efficient healthcare plans for employers, PEOs, and associations. Our nationwide network includes top-tier doctors, specialists, hospitals, industry-leading Rx programs, and personalized medicine with cutting-edge technologies. Averaging over 60% cost savings and ten times more personalized healthcare, available in all 50 states, Envita Health™ is designed to transform your organization's health and well-being. Experience the Envita Health™ difference today!

  • Envita Health™ self-funded and level-funded insurance solutions for employers liberates you from the constraints of major insurance corporations, saving time and money while fostering happier, healthier employees. Envita Health™ provides unparalleled advanced screenings and the latest technology for personalized cancer and chronic disease treatment, and advanced biometrics for optimal health, an industry first offering.
  • Envita BioMed program offers a comprehensive and transformative approach to employer health benefits. It integrates advanced personalized medicine technologies within a cafeteria 125 plan, ensuring accessible and tailored healthcare solutions for employees and their dependents. This program not only facilitates immediate access to a wide range of medical services, including specialized drug programs and innovative care management, but also provides tax incentives to employers and compliance with IRS regulations, making it a smart choice for businesses aiming to enhance their healthcare offerings with little to no out-of-pocket cost​​​​​​.

U.S. Healthcare Data

66% of Americanswant health insurance companies to cover alternative medicine

Envita Health™ is the first nationwide insurance plan that covers advanced integrative, alternative, and personalized medicine.


The Difference is Clear! Envita Health™ Self-Funded and Level-Funded Plans vs. Standard Insurance

First Ever Nationwide Personalized & Integrative Medicine Coverage
The first ever major medical plans in the nation to offer coverage for personalized and integrative medicine, facilitated by our unique coding and billing infrastructure.
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Standard Insurance:Unchecked
Open Nationwide Network of Providers
No HMO or PPO limitations, covers the best doctors, specialists, hospitals, and facilities with over 1.2 million providers nationwide to include naturopathic, functional, integrative, preventive, primary, urgent, and conventional care.
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Standard Insurance:Unchecked
Envita Center of Excellence (COE)
State-of-the-art technology for treating cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic Lyme disease, and other complex conditions, including minimally invasive surgical options that combine the latest in conventional and integrative medicine.
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Standard Insurance:Unchecked
Envita Personalized Concierge Care Navigation
Specialty service offering high-quality care navigation that prioritizes both quality and cost-efficiency. It is also the first nationwide program to provide personalized, integrative care navigation.
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Standard Insurance:Unchecked
Envita RX Plan
Great savings and deep-discounts on specialty drugs, generic drugs, and brand drugs, includes for the first time ever drug free options utilizing natural, alternative, and integrative medicine
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Standard Insurance:Unchecked
Envita 2nd Opinion
Offers telemedicine consultations for oncology and autoimmune diseases. Members can call in and speak with a doctor from the COE program to explore personalized integrative options and have a review of their current treatment program.
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Standard Insurance:Unchecked
Backed by Top Insurance Carrier
The top A+ carrier, making sure you have unparalleled support
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Standard Insurance:Unchecked

Envita BioMed vs Other Section 125 Programs

Envita BioLytics
Envita BioLytics offers a personalized wellness program designed to optimize individual health through targeted laboratory tests. The program delivers tailored recommendations for diet, lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation, and medication.
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Other Section 125 Programs:Unchecked
Optimal Health Program
The Optimal Health program, a specialized telemedicine service, focuses on transitioning employees from chronic and unhealthy conditions to a healthier state, utilizing personalized genetics and advanced targeted medicine.
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Other Section 125 Programs:Unchecked
Specialty Lab Program
As part of the Envita BioLytics offering, the Specialty Lab Program offers discounts on specialty labs recommended by our team of physicians to enhance diagnostic capabilities and identify underlying conditions.
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Other Section 125 Programs:Unchecked
Hormone Replacement Program
A specialized program targeting individuals currently on or in need of hormone replacement therapy. This program not only focuses on hormone replacement but also offers personalized bioavailable and bioidentical hormones customized to each individual.
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Other Section 125 Programs:Unchecked
Pharmacogenomics Program
Members taking at risk medications can undergo testing to assess their drug metabolism. Based on the test results, a team comprising pharmacists and physicians collaborates to offer personalized medication options tailored to the patient's genetic profile.
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Other Section 125 Programs:Unchecked
Drug Free Formulary
Patients frequently seek drug-free alternatives to avoid long-term medication use. The Drug Free Formulary offers programs designed to help patients reduce their reliance on prescription medications through diet, lifestyle changes, and supplementation.
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Other Section 125 Programs:Unchecked

You Are 3 Simple Steps Away From Upgrading Your Healthcare for Employer Groups of 25 or More Employees

1. Analyze Your Census

Send us your census information for each of your employees, this allows us to provide a complete and quick quote.

2. Review Plan Design

Review the plan design and choose the customized upgrades that best complement your business needs.

3. Onboard Your Company

Our expert team works hand-in-hand with you to onboard your company so you can start experiencing the Envita Health™ difference.

Medicine 3.0 Represented by Envita Health™

Medicine 2.0, with its historical successes, couldn't effectively address modern diseases. The standard of care model is rooted in Medicine 2.0. However, Medicine 3.0, represented by Envita Health, leverages advanced prevention and integrative medicine biometrics, incorporating genomics, immune profiling, lifestyle factors, and precision-based screening for a new level of personalized care. Envita's approach is unique in the industry and critical for cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes, oncology, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's, Long Covid, and Lyme disease complex among others.

Healthcare Freedom Starts Here

Designed and Managed by Doctors to Provide Outcome-Driven Care While Reducing Costs
Access to the Best Healthcare Technologies in the World
World-Class Patient Navigation with Envita Hero, So You Never Feel Lost
The First Integrative Precision Medicine Network, Offering Many More Alternatives
Leading Tech for Cancer, Lyme, Autoimmune Disease, Regenerative Medicine, and More
Next-Level Preventive Medicine
Expanded Pharmacy Benefits - Specialty Drug Discounts, Pharmacogenomics, Supplement Options and Huge Saving for Medications- Access programs help you come off medication if you choose 
Large Expansive Network with No Restrictions
Attain profound insights with Envita's cutting-edge Advanced Integrative Medicine approach, guiding you toward optimal health, weight, energy, performance, and disease prevention. Our methodology incorporates the latest advancements in personalized medicine

This is the epitome of healthcare as it should be! Our mission is to empower you, your loved ones, and your organization with healthcare freedom, delivering outcome-driven care through precision healthcare technologies to enhance your quality of life.

Envita Health's™ core consists of board-certified and multi-disciplinary physicians who practice in full compliance with both state and federal laws. Our team includes MDs and DOs specializing in medical hematology/oncology, radiation oncology, infectious disease, psychiatry, pediatrics, internal medicine, diagnostic and procedural interventional radiology, as well as licensed naturopathic physicians and pharmacists.

Our integrative doctors are licensed in the state of Arizona under the MD(h) and DO(h) licensure. All of our physicians and pharmacists are required to complete approximately one year of training (equivalent to 2000 hours) within our facility to use precision genomics, transcriptomics, and immunotherapies.

Our diverse team brings together over two decades of clinical experience and expertise to help navigate and create the best treatment plans and guidance for each individual patient's needs in the prevention or treatment of diseases. Additionally, our concierge navigation team is available to provide personalized guidance throughout the treatment process.

U.S. Healthcare Data

77 YearsLow life expectancy among developed countries.

The U.S. spends more on healthcare as a share of the economy — nearly twice as much as the average OECD country — yet has a lower life expectancy than the OECD average.


U.S. Healthcare Data

$6.8 TrillionEstimated U.S. healthcare expenses by 2030.

U.S. healthcare spending will grow at an average of 4.9% per year from 2022 to 2024 and then 5.3% per year beyond that, hitting $6.8 trillion in 2030. In addition, healthcare prices will increase 3.6% in 2022 while out-of-pocket costs will rise 6.1% and continue to rise an average of 4.6% each year through 2030.


U.S. Healthcare Data

100 Million Americanssee healthcare as broken

Major survey finds 100 million Americans see US healthcare system as ‘expensive’ or ‘broken’.


Envita Health™ Greatly Upgrades Healthcare

It includes world-class concierge navigation and a comprehensive health design utilizing innovative technology that is focused on patient outcomes, improving their quality of life and increasing their longevity.

Your family and employees deserve the best care at affordable rates with superior navigation, and Envita Health™ checks all those factors for you!

Welcome to Envita Health™, on a mission to save and extend lives!

Envita Health™ Essentials

Healthcare is a complex field that can be difficult to navigate on your own. Envita Health™ leverages over twenty years of advanced clinical experience in both conventional and natural medicine to greatly enhance the options and personalization available to patients, with the aim of simplifying healthcare, improving outcomes, and making it more cost-effective for employees and their families. At Envita Health™, we believe that no one should have to navigate the complexities of healthcare alone. That's why our Essentials program offers a powerful core plan designed by our team of highly experienced doctors.

Envita Hero

The Envita Personalized Concierge Care Navigation network is easy to access, as it is just one call away.

You Are Just One Call Away From:

Fast access to doctors for urgent care, primary care, and mental health consultations
Finding the best high quality score medical specialists
Accessing the best providers of advanced integrative medicine
Receiving advanced 2nd opinion services for complex cancers and other diseases

Envita's Center of Excellence

Envita COE has been helping patients who have failed America's top institutions and cancer centers, for over two decades. Now, with Envita Health™ you can experience the game-changing technologies, including advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy.

Reactivating the patient’s immune system to help them deal with the side effects of chemo drugs and check chances of further metastatic spread, have proved beneficial for several late-stage patients with varied cancer diagnoses, such as, breast cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer. Envita’s treatments are based on advanced precision algorithms, which are not always accessible to every cancer patient through standard insurance-based care.

You and Your Loved Ones Can Access Precision Care for Cancer, Chronic Diseases, and Lyme Disease Treatment at No Additional Cost With Envita’s Center of Excellence!

Through Envita COE’s Advanced Precision Care You Get the Benefits Of:

Less invasive procedures and proprietary technology
Avoiding surgeries 
Next-level regenerative medicine
Latest in precision oncology care for every patient
Lyme and autoimmune disease care
Leading-edge stroke recovery programs
Key orthopedic intercepts
And much more!

Expansive Pharmacy Benefits

With better savings than even the most popular pharmacy benefits programs, Envita Health™ goes a step further and provides discounts on research-based custom compounded pharmaceuticals and even physician grade supplements.

Welcome to the Most Comprehensive Pharmacy Program With Special Features, Like:

Great discounts on FDA-approved generic and brand drugs
Access to custom compounded personalized pharmacy discounts 
Precision intercepts for integrative and natural medicine options
Discounts on physician grade supplements

Envita BioMed - Advanced Preventive Integrative Medicine and Anti-aging Programs.

Envita is a leader in advanced integrative care and that experience has helped us develop Envita BioMed. This feature is aimed at promoting vitality and longevity by utilizing precision data from your lab work and medical history. Insights help us get a better understanding of the key metrics that matter to transform the results of your blood work and help you live a long and healthy life.

Advantages of Envita BioMed:

Utilizes personalized precision data to customize preventive programs
Customized preventive programs include diet, exercise, lifestyle modifications, and supplements
Reduces the risk of pharmaceutical intervention and its potential side effects
Guidance into state-of-the-art preventive care from our network of integrative doctors
Advanced programs for early detection and prevention of diseases, like cancer, cardiac, and other conditions

Does Your Existing Plan Give You the Best Care at the Best Value?

Navigating healthcare need not be costly and complicated. Large health insurance companies and some insurance brokers would have you believe that expensive healthcare plans are more reliable and cover the best treatments, but our extensive clinical experience shatters this myth.

Quality outcomes and costs don't often align.

Your benefits just got a huge upgrade with Envita Health!™ 

Our community is about facilitating preventative care to give you an opportunity to live longer, while bringing world-class technology to your fingertips. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Envita Health™ caters to every American across the country, offering them the benefits of detailed testing and a comprehensive treatment delivery program.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to the best healthcare options, and our mission is to make these options available for all! May God bless you on your journey to perfect health!