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Envita Health™ operates as a Managed Service Organization (MSO), offering the Self-funded and Level-funded employer program in all 50 states for corporations with 25 or more employees. Services described in this document are subject to change. The Envita BioMed Plan is governed by the IRS section 125 Tax Code. It is advisable to consult your legal counsel, accountant, and/or broker before modifying your healthcare plan. Benefits and dollar amounts within the Envita BioMed cafeteria plan are tailored to individual employers, and estimates or averages are not guaranteed. Results may vary and should not be considered typical. The information presented herein is solely for educational purposes. Envita Health™ does not provide assurances or promises. Individual outcomes illustrated in patient examples should not be construed as typical results. Prior to initiating any treatment program or making adjustments to healthcare, diet, and/or lifestyle, it is recommended to consult a physician. Patients should not discontinue prescribed medications or treatments without consulting their doctor. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy and currency of information, Envita Health™ makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied. The contents of this document and its services do not constitute medical practice. Users are encouraged to seek the advice of a physician regarding their health or medical conditions. Certain treatments offered by Envita may not be available in the United States, as some unique types of treatments are provided in Hermosillo, Mexico. No guarantees are provided for Envita’s treatments and/or recommendations in any location.