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At Envita Health™, we redefine what it means to provide high-quality, personalized healthcare. Our health plans are designed with the latest advancements in precision medicine to deliver unparalleled care to you and your family.

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Envita Health™ vs Other Health Plans

Key Features and Benefits Section

Comprehensive Coverage Our self-funded or level-funded plans ensure you have access to an extensive network of over 1.3 million providers nationwide, including top-tier doctors, specialists, hospitals, and facilities. Our open network allows you to visit any doctor of your choice, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience​​​​.

Personalized Integrative Medicine We integrate the best of conventional and advanced personalized medicine. With our proprietary coding and billing infrastructure, Envita Health™ offers the first-ever nationwide personalized and integrative medicine coverage, transforming healthcare delivery to meet your unique needs​​​​.

Cost-Effective Solutions Our innovative plan designs and precision algorithms help reduce overall healthcare costs while improving outcomes. We focus on eliminating wasteful expenditures, ensuring you receive the right care at the right time and place​​​​.

Advanced Preventive Care Envita Health™ emphasizes preventive care with programs like the Envita BioLytics and Optimal Health Programs as well as our revolutionary screening tests that detect early signs of disease. These proactive measures help in maintaining your health and preventing high-cost claims​​​​.

Exclusive Benefits Our plan includes a suite of exclusive benefits:

  • Envita RX Plan - Access to over 65,000 pharmacies with a $0 copay on nearly 1,300 generic medications​​.
  • Envita Second Opinion - Personalized care for cancer and autoimmune diseases through telemedicine consultations​​​​.
  • Concierge Care Navigation - High-quality care navigation with a focus on improving outcomes and reducing costs​​​​.
  • Envita Lasers Program - A high-cost intercept service that identifies and manages high-risk individuals to reduce plan costs​​​​.

Support and Advocacy Our comprehensive member advocacy services ensure you have support throughout your healthcare journey. From benefit plans to claims status and medical procedure steerage, we provide "white glove" service to make your healthcare experience seamless and stress-free​​.

A Growing Network Awaits You

At Envita Health™, we built thousands of new additional billing codes to expand access to treatments, services, and preventive care! With us, you and your family can experience the latest technology and outperform outdated systems, controlled by large insurance companies.

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Join the revolution in healthcare with Envita Health™. Our plans are backed by an A+ insurance carrier, ensuring reliability and security. Experience a new level of care with our innovative, personalized, and cost-effective healthcare solutions.