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You Should Never Have to Do Healthcare Alone

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Elevate your medical care through our concierge-level, world-class navigation provided by our revolutionary telehealth program. Our focus is on elevating the patient experience and significantly improving patient outcomes while saving money and time.

Envita Hero surpasses ordinary telemedicine programs by seamlessly integrating and maximizing Envita Health’s services, including the Envita Center of Excellence, Envita Pharmacy, and Envita BioMed AI. This pioneering service is crafted to assist in both disease treatment and prevention in real-time through video conferencing.

Our members are just a call away from rapid access to robust navigation, precision care, advocacy, and essential education, empowering them to make informed decisions about their overall health. With a single call, you're connected to a top-quality provider for either an in-person consultation or a telehealth appointment, tailored to your specific needs. These visits cater to a wide range of healthcare issues spanning primary care, urgent care, and specialized fields like oncology, infectious diseases, cardiology, behavioral health, and more.

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Knowledge is power and when members experience the power of precision options in conventional and integrative medicine, they avoid invasive procedures and have improved quality of life.

Envita Hero Is Your Real Healthcare Hero

Connects with a doctor or urgent care 24/7 and fast tracks primary care and follow-up consultations.
Provides concierge guidance, referring you to doctors and specialists with the best quality scores in the country - improving outcomes and reducing costs.
Coordinates 2nd opinion, including access to integrative medicine.
Accelerates prescription refills.
Offers on-call counseling support.
Fast tracks diagnostic schedules, including imaging and lab works, so you do not waste time in waiting rooms.
Directs you to precision healthcare technology, including advanced genomic analysis and immunotherapies, through robust navigation skills.
Helps you with complicated medical conditions to simple routine care, without losing sight of your long-term health and wellness goals.
Enables access to Envita Insights for preventive medicine, which also works towards strengthening your immune system.
Guides you to Centers of Excellence (CoEs), like Envita, for treating cancer, Lyme disease, and other chronic diseases, never letting distance prevent access to the best technology. 

Envita Hero is a revolutionary healthcare navigation tool, aimed at improving patient outcomes, while reducing treatment related side effects. This service is the culmination of our years of experience and hard work in widening the scope of cancer treatment and Lyme disease treatment, while coordinating care for these patients who are dealing with such complicated and difficult health conditions. Envita Hero guides patients towards quality treatment facilities and introduces them to innovative healthcare solutions, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction levels!


Member experience can improve from the ease of access to more advanced technologies and the demystification of healthcare options.

Envita Hero helps forge a trusting bond between patients and providers, as our navigators ensure that patients feel truly heard by their clinicians and receive the best care.

Excellent communication between patient and provider reduces chances of errors, improves treatment plan compliance, enhances access to options, enables better understanding, and reduces anxiety for patients and their families.

Cost Savings

Envita Hero is much more advanced than telehealth, offered through large health insurance or health shares. It helps patients find answers and access precision care, quality facilities, precision technology, improves overall utilization, drives down total costs, and helps to improve patient outcomes.

Market Demand

Patients do not like being confused or treated as just another number in the healthcare system, which is why they appreciate a concierge care navigation system. Envita Hero’s guidance and advocacy ensures a positive experience for members, as it reduces the risk of a wrong diagnosis.

A single call separates you from transforming your healthcare experience, granting you the chance to enhance outcomes through precise treatment options at an exceptional value.

Envita Hero seamlessly orchestrates your care, ensuring continuity throughout your path to recovery.

We stand by you through intricate conditions, medical emergencies, and primary care requirements, supporting you every step of the way.

You should never navigate healthcare alone!