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At Envita Health™, we're not just transforming healthcare; we're redefining it with Envita BioMed, a unique offering under the Section 125 cafeteria plan designed for employer groups of at least 25 employees. Our innovative approach integrates advanced personalized medicine technologies with employer-sponsored health benefits, offering a groundbreaking solution that’s both cost-effective and highly beneficial for employers and employees alike.

Envita BioMed delivers direct access to highly personalized integrative medicine, minimizing reliance on medications, enhancing energy levels, improving sleep, and boosting overall quality of life. Our healthcare professionals work closely with members to achieve optimal health and vitality, crafting tailored, comprehensive plans that go beyond conventional diet charts and lifestyle adjustments. Leveraging our extensive clinical experience in treating conditions like cancer, Lyme disease, and other infectious diseases, we address the root causes of ailments and create detailed preventive treatment strategies for every Envita Health™ member.

Envita BioMed revolutionizes employer health programs with a platform developed and managed by doctors. This access ensures that members benefit from key technological advancements and over two decades of expertise in personalized medicine, transforming health outcomes and reducing costs.

Envita BioMed offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize health outcomes and manage medical costs effectively

Envita BioLytics: A personalized wellness program that optimizes health through targeted laboratory tests, providing tailored recommendations for diet, lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation, and medication.
Envita RX Plan: Provides access to a large network of pharmacies with significant cost savings, including a $0 copay on nearly 1,300 generic medications.
Envita 2nd Opinion: Offers telemedicine consultations for personalized guidance and education on oncology and autoimmune diseases.
Envita Personalized Concierge Care Navigation: A specialty service focusing on high-quality care navigation and cost management. It is the first nationwide personalized integrative care navigation program.
Envita Lasers: Identifies individuals driving up healthcare costs and aims to redirect them for better care navigation, focusing on improving outcomes and reducing costs.
Hospital Indemnity Plan: Offers additional coverage for hospital admissions.
Envita Virtual Care: Provides comprehensive telemedicine services, including primary, urgent, and mental health care​​.
Insights Optimal Health Program: Transitions employees from chronic and unhealthy states to healthier conditions using personalized genetic and targeted medicine.
Insights Specialty Lab Program: Provides discounts or coverage for laboratory expenses not covered under standard medical insurance.
Insights Hormone Replacement Program: Offers personalized hormone replacement therapy tailored to medical requirements, focusing on bioavailable and bioidentical hormones.
Insights Pharmacogenomics Program: Members can undergo testing to assess drug metabolism, providing personalized medication options based on genetic profile.
Insights Pre-Natal and Pregnancy Program: Supports women throughout their pregnancies to mitigate high-cost claims related to complications.
Insights Drug-Free Formulary: Provides drug-free alternatives to help reduce dependence on prescription medications.


Envita's BioMed technology goes far beyond basic exercise and diet regimens from nutritionists to help members with disease prevention, aiming to reduce costs for the entire community.

We focus on covering all aspects of preventive care, including the fields of oncology, cardiology, neurology, and other areas in medical treatment. Envita BioMed utilizes powerful personal biometric laboratory (analytes) blood work, to customize healthcare recommendations for you. These recommendations are based on an in-depth analysis of your symptoms, current medication(s), medical history, family history, genomic factors, nutrition, exercise, diet, and supplements. Envita's BioMed real-time data driven health plans are targeted at enhancing your quality of life and increasing your longevity, by going beyond standard treatments offered by your healthcare provider as part of preventive care.

Your symptoms, blood analytes, and medical history, are crucial to determining whether you are in the optimal range of all your health parameters or need secondary preventive checks for other infections, co-infections, heart diseases, tumors, or cancers, such as, breast cancer, prostate cancer, or lung cancer.

Based on all your results, gender, and weight, we personalize your preventive treatment protocol, including diet, exercise, and supplement recommendations. Envita BioMed is directed at not only reducing your risks, but also improving your energy and vitality.

Envita BioMed Provides The Latest Innovations In:

Clinician directed advanced integrative medicine
Dietary health
Supplementation support
Medication reduction
Exercise performance
Circadian rhythm and sleep performance
Stress management
Metabolic health maintenance


Energetic and healthy members always make for happy employees. The knowledge to upgrade your health is now easily accessible and at your fingertips.

Envita BioMed integrates powerful bioinformatics into your healthcare program to enhance your longevity and improve your quality of life. Our remote patient care monitoring platform provides you with physician-directed tools to take control of your health.

Experience the difference in your health with Envita BioMed!

Cost Savings

The addition of tax savings for employers may lead to a reduction in major medical chronic disease premiums over the long term.

Market Demand

With its powerful features designed to keep members healthy and energetic, Envita BioMed is an essential upgrade for any healthcare plan, ensuring everyone will want to make the most of their benefits.