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Redefining Health Insurance to Reduce Costs and Save Lives

Health insurance coverage does not necessarily translate to high-quality care and better health, nor does it protect insured members from experiencing financial strains. Unfortunately, despite the rising healthcare costs, Americans are unable to access the advantages of advanced personalized precision medicine, which goes beyond the scope of basic standard of care to help with overall holistic recovery.

The ever-increasing health insurance premiums, co-payments, and deductibles may not always improve outcomes for patients, who end up being the victims of a complicated health care system, which is driven by financial companies focused on vertical integration. Recent reports indicate that average annual premiums for both single and family coverage have increased seven percent in the year 2023, and have been consistently increasing, as is reflected by the 22 percent growth in family premiums over the last five years.


Even the average deductible amount has increased 10% over the last five years and 53% over the last ten years. Over 50% of employers believe that their employees have some level of concern about the affordability of cost sharing.   Consumer out-of-pocket spending on healthcare is expected to maintain a continual annual growth rate of 9.9% over the next few years, yielding an annual out-of-pocket spending total just shy of $800 billion by 2026. Policy changes, aging patients and coverage cutbacks are the primary culprits driving a roughly 10% continual annual growth rate in out-of-pocket healthcare payments, according to recent market projections.


Irrespective of whether you are covered by private insurance health plans, Medicare, or Medicaid, the cost of healthcare has increased for everyone, with no significant change in the quality of care or health outcomes.


In fact, comparative studies show that the American life expectancy has fallen far behind its peer countries, which is an irony considering the increasing expenditures in medical care. The United States of America is a world outlier when it comes to healthcare spending, but its healthcare delivery system needs to be addressed to improve patient outcomes, while reducing the high costs.

Breakthrough for Improving Outcomes and Reducing Expenditures

Using a revolutionary new healthcare plan which covers advanced personalized medicine, combining the latest in conventional and integrative treatments, may help potentiate outcomes and lower costs for payers. With this goal, Envita Medical Centers a Center of Excellence (COE) for Precision Oncology has launched Envita Health™, which as an MSO (Managed Service Organization) is geared towards bringing the latest healthcare advancements for saving and extending lives, while reducing the high costs for members.

Health Plans Designed by Doctors

Unlike other healthcare plans, Envita Health™ plans have been designed by clinicians themselves who are specially trained in the personalized medicine approach, bringing the advantages of Medicine 3.0 to members. This paradigm shift in medicine is aimed at utilizing the latest technologies to personalize treatments for disease prevention, early intervention, and overall holistic recovery.

Smart Plan Designs with Financial Incentives

With the principles of Medicine 3.0 at the heart of this healthcare plan, Envita Health™ is geared towards not only attacking the root causes of diseases but also strengthening the patient’s immune system for lasting outcomes. To enjoy the privileges of this pioneering healthcare plan, Americans do not have to completely overhaul their existing health insurance if they do not want to, and still be able to reap the benefits of advanced personalized medicine as well as gain financial incentives out of it. Envita Health™ has customized solutions, which are smartly designed to complement your existing health insurance plans to enhance their scope at no additional cost through innovative tax savings measures.

It goes beyond Medicine 2.0, which is focused on diagnosing and treating illnesses. With Medicine 3.0 Envita Health™ plans ensure early identification, proactive treatment, and even prevention of diseases, some of which are chronic or terminal, threatening to drive up healthcare costs astronomically.

Breaking Down Healthcare Costs for Proactive Fixes

A mere 1% of employees can contribute to a staggering 40% of organizational costs, which in turn leads to premium escalations. Envita Health™ offers innovative healthcare plans, which can be customized to not only dramatically reduce these organizations costs, but also prevent plan members from sliding into this group of 1% employees, whose long-term illnesses and complex diseases drive up costs. The aim is to not only treat chronic and terminal patients with the most advanced technologies, but Envita Health™ plans are designed to identify the earliest signs of disease, reverse its progression, prevent occurrence or recurrence of diseases, and enhance quality of life and productivity of every member. With a focus on all these aspects of care, this plan is intrinsically designed to prevent avoidable overutilization of resources and help members achieve better health at lower costs.

Leveraging Trailblazing Preventive Programs

Envita Health™ takes preventive integrative wellness programs to the next level by offering customized solutions to enrollees, based on advanced diagnostics, their latest health reports, and medical history. Envita’s diagnostics include revolutionary tests like a simple blood draw to screen for 52 different types of cancers, and numerous such tests in different specialties, which are designed to check diseases at its earliest sign of onset and reverse their progression. Typically, such radical preventive measures and proactive treatments are often missing in conventional insurance plans, depriving patients of opportunities for prevention and the precious window of early intervention.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimates that missed prevention opportunities cost the US $55 billion every year, and an estimate of ~ 30 cents on every healthcare dollar. Preventive measures are economically critical, but it is estimated that only 8% of Americans undergo routine preventive screenings. Even if they were to utilize it, the standard screening mechanisms may not always be accurate, for example, overall, screening mammograms miss about 1 in 8 breast cancers. To counter such gaps, there is an urgent need for revolutionary preventive programs, which are capable of checking diseases and enabling early intervention.

Envita Health™ has been developed to address this need, at the very outset. Early medical intervention helps to reduce the instances of high-cost claims, generally associated with late-stage diseases, while also minimizing the chances of loss of employee productivity due to lingering diseases.

Fixing the Cost-Drivers for Better Health

Revolutionary preventive programs are just one of the many ways in which Envita Health™ customizes solutions to reduce healthcare costs for Americans, while helping them live long, happy, and healthy lives. With innovative features like proactive 2nd opinion, concierge care navigation, advanced pharmacogenomics, drug-free alternatives, integrative medicine coverage, and coverage by COEs, Envita Health™ plans are designed to culminate into better outcomes with low costs.

The plan features have been thoughtfully curated to work as powerful intercepts in members’ healthcare journey to help avoid invasive surgeries and lifelong dependence on drugs, when possible, while boosting their overall wellness, vitality, and longevity. Access to COEs allows plan members to gain the advantage of minimally invasive proprietary procedures, reduce costs on prolonged hospital stays, and minimize chances of disease recurrence.


According to U.S. patients, cost of pharmaceuticals/ cost of prescription drugs and hospital costs are the leading drivers of healthcare expenditure. However, by utilizing the innovative options in Envita Health™ plans, insurers can expect to make huge savings in both these areas.

“We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking transformation in healthcare insurance, marked by the integration of cutting-edge personalized medicine at its core. This innovative shift not only empowers patients to lead longer, healthier lives but also enables employers to exercise transparent management of their health plans, fostering improved outcomes and advanced technologies—all achieved with a simultaneous reduction in costs,” said Dr. Dino Prato, CEO and Founder, Envita Medical Centers and Envita Health™.

Drawing from Clinical Experience

Envita Health™ draws its strength from Envita Medical Centers, which is a Center of Excellence in advanced precision integrative oncology, treating patients with late-stage cancer and other chronic and autoimmune diseases, for 25 years. The fact that these plans have been designed by physicians who have been treating cancer, which has overtaken musculoskeletal conditions as the biggest driver of employer health costs, underscores the expertise that went into building this plan.

The Business Group on Health released its annual survey of large employers examining their strategies around benefit design, cost management and other healthcare strategies. This survey shows that 13 percent of the employers were seeing more late-stage cancers among their employees, and 44 percent anticipate similar increases coming down the pike.

Most (99%) of employers surveyed said they were concerned about prescription drug costs. Even the key findings of a latest Commonwealth Fund report indicates that prescription drugs were one of the key factors contributing to excess healthcare spending in the U.S, along with other factors like, administrative costs of insurance and administrative costs borne by providers.

In their clinical experience of 25 years in treating late-stage cancer patients, the team of doctors at Envita have mastered the art of overcoming these challenges to bring optimal health at low costs to their patients. Envita’s costs are 3rd party actuarially certified to be 50% less than standard oncology while providing better integrative precision technology*. These benefits of integrative precision technology can be utilized in every specialization and even in basic standard primary care, which is now being offered through the Envita Health™ plans.

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This first-of-its-kind national healthcare plan not only offers fast access to doctors for standard primary care, specialty care, and urgent care, but also covers consultations and treatments by providers of advanced integrative medicine. It is built to give access to an open network of doctors, while promoting wellness through advanced precision technology with the long-term goal of reducing overall healthcare costs.   For any queries related to your health insurance plan, please feel free to call us at: 877-214-8660. May God bless you on your healthcare journey!

*Data is based on our analysis of records for 87 out of 129 patients that participated in Envita’s treatment program in 2020. 42 patients were removed from the cohort due to the patient’s inability to start or complete Envita’s prescribed treatment for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, advanced disease state, disease progression, or inability to travel.